Marek Slavík -Parallel Worlds-

20th ~ 30th May, 2018 


Talented young painter from Czech held solo exhibition  !

transmutation, acrylic and oil painting on canvas, 100x135cm


<Parallel Worlds >

Parallel Worlds.

Are we really alone in the universe? What if we are not, as I am trying to suggest in my paintings from the series titled “Parallel Worlds“?
What if there are some other forms of life apart from ours existing in other galaxies? The regularities of parallel universes may differ like our way of seeing the world around us varies from the perception of others. I would like to say that when creating this series of paintings, I strove for harmony, balance and the interconnection of compositions....... continue 


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    8th - 12th Feb. 2018

Rin TERADA New Year exhibition

    2th - 12th January 2018

《 Rin TERADA Profile 》
1948  Born in Aomori city, Aomori, Japan.
He uses mainly gold leaf, but also leaf in silver and aluminium, acrylic and oil colours, ink on paper, silk, cotton and wood.
His work covers a very wide spectrum, ranging from natural representation to minimalist abstraction.
RIN TERADA'S objective is not the creation of the motif, but the artistic expression and the realisation of it.
2011   Montreux Art Gallery -art fair-, in Montreux, Switzerland
           BERLINER LISTE in Berlin, Germany
           selection art fair Basel 2011 in Basel, Switzerland
           ART BY Genève in Genève, Switzerland
           “The Rhein” Kloster Eberbach Museum Mönchsdormitorium in Eltville am Rhein,
           Germany (2m×52m works)
2008   “Seele-KOKORO” Orangery Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin, Germany

           (20m×2m 2works)


Rin TERADA Website

Ceramic - Takeshi YAMAGUCHI -  

8th - 14th December 2017 

 Takeshi YAMAGUCHI Profile 》
1951  Born in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka, Japan.
1985  Studied Takatori-yaki under ONIMARU Setsuzan in Fukuoka,
1985  Became independent and established the Enshu Tenryu-yaki Gogama kiln.
2009・2012・2016 selected in "Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition"
And many times selected in "JAPAN CERAMIC ART EXHIBITION", " TOKAI Traditional Art Crafts exhibition" etc.

Produced 4 types of containers for the Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi Restaurant, Roppongi. 
Produced the memorabilia for the Urasenke Tankokai Tokai Branch Convention. 
Part-time lecturer at the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. 
Associate member, Japan Kogei Association.

Gallery Japan 

◇ Opening group exhibition ◇

6th - 19th October 2017

Megumi Kato  Hisayoshi Kurai  Keiko Konishi  Koichi Sumi  Kaori Suzuki
Natsuko Takekoshi  Koichi Nakada  Ryohei Hosaka  Sayuri Yokoi  Tatsumi Watanabe